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Open Workshop with the Method of Intention, Prof. Phd. Franz Ruppert- 16th...
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Open Workshop with the Method of Intention, Prof. Phd. Franz Ruppert- 16th of May

*Important! This event is also open to the general public.

We are happy to announce another special event! On 16th of May, at the invitation of ISTT, Prof. Franz Ruppert will join us once again, this time online, through the Zoom platform. Dr. Ruppert will hold a new workshop open both to specialists and the general public. As usual, Prof. Ruppert will use the Intention Method for this workshop.

The schedule of the event:

10-14:00 workshop; 14-15:00 lunch break, 15-18:00 workshop.

Please enter the Zoom platform one hour before the start of the event to find out technical details and more about the manner in which the workshop will take place.

 Participation to the event can be done ONLY after online registration and payment of the ticket. Please follow the registration steps, and after payment of the invoice relating to the ticket, you will receive from us the contact details for access to the Zoom platform for participation a day before the event, ie on 15th of May.  For further details, you can contact us by e-mail at or by phone 0737245807, from MONDAY to FRIDAY, between 10:00 and 17:00.

Important! The language for this event is English only!

Identity Oriented Psychotherapy of the Trauma is an area developed by the German psychotherapist Franz Ruppert. His interest initially focused on the transgenerational impact of trauma, especially in the area of severe mental disorders. However, in the recent years his attention has been focused on how psychotrauma affects our identity, thus calling his intervention Therapy based on the Theory of Identity Oriented Psychotrauma. Franz Ruppert developed his own manner of working called the Intention Method, based on the theory of attachment and the theory of psychotrauma, as he understood them from his own work experience.

The uniqueness of his style consists in the way of analyzing and approaching the relationship traumas and the early ones (from conception, from the intrauterine period, to the birth), which are at the foundation of our current emotional and physical dysfunctions.

The results of his work are observed in the deep clarifications, improvements and regulations that occur in the psychic functioning and which are acquired in the personal work with this method. Moreover, for these results Franz Ruppert has become so well-known and appreciated as a psychotherapist and his full schedule of lectures and workshops in many countries of the world is just one proof to this.

The Method of Intention was developed on the basis of the constellation method, as conceived by Bert Hellinger, but Franz Ruppert turned it into a very effective and profound therapeutic intervention, an instrument for understanding healthy psychic mechanisms and protection mechanisms against traumatic experiences. Through the Method of Intention we have access to less conscious aspects of our psyche, we can see more clearly our inner and interpersonal conflicts, we can understand and integrate them. Many people have already benefited from the healing experience and inner transformation that has resulted from this method.

Franz Ruppert has been a professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich since 1992 and a psychotherapist with private practice. He gives lectures and workshops in many countries of the world, becoming more and more known and his presence is requested due to the novelty of his understanding of the psyche and its results in stimulating human health.

Franz Ruppert revolutionized psychotherapy by approaching the human psyche from a different perspective and generating a new way of working with it. His unique and original style is deeply human, respectful and transformative for the inner strength of the person. He wrote a series of books, the most representatives of which are: “My Body, my Trauma, My I”, “Trauma, Attachment and Family Constellations”,  “Symbiosis and Autonomy”, “Trauma, Fear, and Love”, “Early Traumas”, “Splits in the Soul”.

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Thank you and we are waiting for you!

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