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Interview with Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert with Diana Vasile
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Interview with Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert with Diana Vasile

We are happy to welcome again Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert as a guest on our webpage! You can watch him in a dialogue with Diana Vasile, in which you will find out more details about the work researches on trauma-psychology, as well as news and improvements recently brought to the intention method.

The interview is presented in English. We invite you to listen to our speakers:

  • Diana Vasile, founder member and president of ISTT (the Institute for Trauma Study and Treatment) and lecturer in psychology at University of Bucharest. Her professional activity is focused on promoting psychological health and its recovering after adverse experiences, which affects the physical and psychological aspects of people. She actively promoted the trauma-psychology concept in Romania and she fights for the awareness of psychological traumas’ effects and how to improve them.
  • Franz Ruppert is an academic teacher at München University of Applied Sciences since 1992 and a private practician psychotherapist. He holds lectures and workshops in many countries of the world, becoming more and more famous and prompted, because of the novelty of his understanding of the psychic and because of his results in stimulating the human health. Franz Ruppert generated a new manner of work which encompasses especially the relational early traumas. His unique and original style is profoundly human, respectful and revealing for the inner force of the person. He wrote a series of books out of which the most representative are: Symbiosis and Autonomy, Trauma, Fear and Love, Early Traumas, Love Lust and Trauma, Who am I in a traumatized and traumatizing society?, My Body, my Trauma and I. They are also available in Romanian, translated by Editura Trei.

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