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Revolutionizing Trauma Treatment, 3-Day Webinar Babette Rothschild
 /  Revolutionizing Trauma Treatment, 3-Day Webinar Babette Rothschild
Revolutionizing Trauma Treatment, 3-Day Webinar Babette Rothschild


We are thrilled and honored to welcome Babette Rothschild as our guest! Babette is one of the most appreciated international specialists in the treatment of psychological trauma. Author of no less than seven books translated into more than 12 languages ​​- including the famous “The Body Remembers” – Babette will hold, at the invitation of The Institute for Studying and Treating Trauma, the workshop “Revolutionizing the Treatment of Mental Trauma”.

Find out more about Babette Rothschild by watching the following video:




PTSD is an indicator that the body and mind have not, as yet, recognized that a traumatic incident is over. As a result, the body’s autonomic nervous system responds by continuously mobilizing the for defensive flight/fight or protective freeze. In addition, PTSD is (in large part) a failure of mindful dual awareness, which leads to an inability to recognize the present as different from the past. This professional training will equip participants with neurophysical and psychophysical theory and principles and apply them to update the mind, brain, and nervous system to recognize when trauma is over – whether or not trauma memories are ever processed. Through a variety of activities, including lecture, discussion, exercises, practice, and video demonstrations, participants will gain knowledge and skills for treating traumatized clients of all ages and backgrounds.
This professional training is consistent with and a beneficial adjunct to any method of psychotherapy or specialized trauma therapy (e.g. analytical, dynamic and somatic approaches, cognitive-behavioral, and EMDR).

Goals and Objectives: Attendees will be able to…

  • Provide options for trauma recovery and trauma resolution;
  • Predict and distinguish those clients who will benefit from processing trauma memories from those who will not;
  • Gain specific skills for helping both groups;
  • Discuss the structure of the body’s nervous system;
  • Develop ability to interpret and modulate the body’s nervous system (sensory and autonomic) to regulate arousal levels in clients and for safer trauma therapy;
  • Also develop ability to interpret and modulate the body’s nervous system (sensory and autonomic) to regulate arousal levels for professional self-care;
  • Differentiate two types of freeze states from two classes of hypo-aroused states;
  • Employ the sensory nervous system to mediate flashbacks and nightmare;
  • Discern a relaxed (muscular) state from a calm (nervous system) state;
  • Adapt mindfulness, yoga, and physical exercise to be accessible to clients with dysregulated nervous systems and PTSD;
  • Identify and acquire recovery options and strategies for trauma clients inappropriate for trauma memory processing, particularly for those who don’t want to and those who decompensate or dysregulate from memory work;
  • Employ the sensory nervous system for instant stabilization during therapy sessions and in client daily lives;
  • Identify both obvious as well as previously unrecognized resources as antidotes to traumatic stress states;
  • Revive the (too-often) neglected application of therapeutic contracts and treatment planning;
  • Gain tools to enable trauma clients to make better (and safer) use of mindful practices such as meditation, MBSR, and yoga.

Important: we will provide translation services during the event.

Media partner: Herald publishing. All participants to the event will receive a 30% discount to the books within the following collections JugianaPsihoterapiaPsihopractica, among which there are two of the books written by Babette Rothschild: 8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery and The Body Remembers.

Interesting for you: Trauma – obstacle or opportunity? An Interview with Diana Vasile, president of ISTT, and Sorin Lucaci, PR Herald Publishing:


Day 1, February 16th

  • 18:00-19:45   Workshop – Babette Rothschild
  • 19:45-20:00  Break
  • 20:00-22:00 Workshop – Babette Rothschild


    • Common Sense
    • Major goals for trauma therapy
    • Increase client’s self-control and stabilization Improvement vs. Decompensation
    • Identifying what works; why clients get worse Basic terminology
    • Past trauma vs. on-going trauma
    • Identifying and agreeing on therapeutic goals First steps and mis-steps
    • Pierre Janet’s phased pacing
    • Trauma recovery vs. trauma resolution Therapeutic limitations
    • Resources, resources, and more resources


Day 2, February 17th

  • 18:00-19:45   Workshop – Babette Rothschild
  • 19:45-20:00  Break
  • 20:00-22:00 Workshop – Babette Rothschild


    • Cultural Differences
    • Distinguishing types of trauma clients
    • Predicting client capacities
    • The trauma compromised cortex
    • Clear thinking
    • Somatic markers: emotional and body memory
    • Nervous system organization
    • Sensory nervous system
    • Dual awareness and stabilization
    • The art of interruption
    • Dual awareness and PTSD
    • Gaining control of flashbacks and nightmares
    • Distinguishing Current Distress: triggers, flashbacks, memories, actual danger


Day 3, February 18th

  • 18:00-19:45   Workshop – Babette Rothschild
  • 19:45-20:00  Break
  • 20:00-22:00 Workshop – Babette Rothschild


    • Mindfulness to benefit both client and therapist
    • Adapting mindfulness, yoga, and MBSR for PTSD
    • Autonomic nervous system, update
    • Prioritizing integration: keep the cortex online
    • 2 types of freeze
    • 2 types of hypo arousal
    • Applying autonomic nervous system to provide safer trauma therapy Identifying helpful vs. unhelpful catharsis
    • Muscle toning
    • Pulling it all together: live client consultations


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